World Music Videos We’re Watching Today

Here are several recent music videos from French-produced world music artists we thought you might enjoy on this Thursday afternoon.

Melingo, whose latest album ‘Linyera‘ as released earlier this year, is a soulful master of the Argentinian tango and as his biography attests, “To be Melingo, one must walk the streets sniffing out poetry like a bloodhound”. Have a listen and see what we mean:

Melingo “Live at the 2014 Banlieues Bleues Festival”

Orquesta Aragón, a ten piece Cuban ensemble that recently toured in celebration of their 75th anniversary as a group -one which pioneered musical styles from cha-cha to son/charanga hybrids to pachangahe – still is making great music. Check out a video of one of their performances here:

Tinariwen, the musical rebels endlessly touring the world with their rock-tinged North-African-rooted music, are back with this exclusive teaser for INSIDE / OUTSIDE: