France Rocks Series at Lincoln Center’s Atrium

France Rocks comes back at David Rubenstein Atrium @ Lincoln Center with a series of folk and world music shows, as part of the France Rocks Summer Fest 2019!

6/13 – Halo Maud & Malik Djoudi

On June 13, wild and playful singer Halo Maud, recently featured in Brooklyn Vegan’s picks, will share the stage with Malik Djoudi, an elegant and vibrant musician influenced by his Algerian and Vietnamese heritage.

6/20 – Barton Hartshorn & Sophie Auster

On June 20th, Barton Hartshorn will play his beautiful pop-folk songs, both a signature of his British background and a sign of his love for 70’s West Coast americana culture, with Sophie Auster, sensual pop-folk and baroque singer-songwriter.