CMJ debuts “Always On The Run” remix of Yuksek by The Horrors

Photo Credit: Quentin de Briey

Yuksek is about to release his album Living on the Edge of Time February 14th in the States. In anticipation, CMJ premiered a new remix of “Always on the Run” by Tom Furse of The Horrors. Né Pierre-Alexander Busson, Yuksek is a classically trained musician and electro-pop composer creating anthemic dance rhythms, who has previously worked with artists such as Amanda Blank and Chromeo.

Classically trained musician and electro-pop composer Yuksek (aka Pierre-Alexander Busson) is about to invade the US, bringing a flurry of swooping, dance-pop anthems guaranteed to make you hum and sway. Empowered by his previous work with artists such as Chromeo and Amanda Blank, Yuksek’s new album pushes our lovely Frenchman to the front lines, both as vocalist and leading a fierce live band.

Yuksek – Always On The Run (Tom Furse Remix) by CMJ Network

“If you’re looking for a swoonier, more melodic alternative to Justice without losing any of the European appeal, Yuksek’s your (French)man.” – Zoe Camp, CMJ

Yuksek and bureauexport worked with one another in 2009 to help support a European tour with dates in Ireland, England, Spain, Germany, and Australia behind Yuksek’s album So Far Away From The Sea.