Yann Tiersen – New video for ‘Usal Road’ and now on tour in the US

Currently on tour in North America, Yann Tiersen unveils a new video for Usal Road a song taken from his latest album, ALL.
On ALL, Tiersen tackles themes of environment, ecology and nature by using field recordings taken from various locations. For “Usal Road” he chose to return to a very particular spot, one where his own place within nature was brought into sharp focus. He explains, “This refers to the exact place where we were chased by a mountain lion in California when we were on a break during the American tour five years ago.”
Reflecting on his return to Usal Road on the Lost Coast of California to record violin for the track, he elaborates, “This is the only field recording from California and we included it not because of the place, but because this was a life changing experience. It changed my entire way of seeing the world.”
As well as California, ALL incorporates recordings from locations such as Brittany, Devon’s redwood forest and Berlin’s decommissioned Tempelhof airport, an urban space now reclaimed by nature.
Predominately sung in the Breton language, the album features several guest vocalists: Anna von Hausswolff is the guest vocalist on “Koad” while Ólavur Jákupsson collaborates on “Erc’h” and Breton singer-songwriters Denez Prigent (“Gwennilied”), Emilie Tiersen and Gaëlle Kerrien all feature on the album.

Following a successful European tour that included numerous additional shows to meet demand, Tiersen is currently on tour in the United States and Canada.


May 18 @ Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall

May 19 @ Detroit, MI – Garden Theater

May 20 @ Toronto, ON – Queen Elizabeth Theatre

May 23 @ Philadelphia, PA – Keswick Theatre

May 24 @ Washington, DC – Lincoln Theatre

May 25 @ Boston, MA – Berklee Performing Arts Center

May 28 @ New York, NY – Beacon Theatre

May 30 @ Montreal, QC – Place des Arts

May 31 @ Quebec City, QC – Palais Montcalm – Maison de la Musique