KOKI NAKANO + ¿QUE VOLA? – France Rocks Summer Fest – FREE

As part of the France Rocks Summer Fest 2019 and Nø Førmat! 15th Anniversary, Koki Nakano and ¿Que Vola? are performing this Thursday, June 27, in New York at David Rubenstein Atrium – Lincoln Center!

Paris based pianist, Koki Nakano was born in 1988 in Fukuoka, Japan. He studied at the famous Toho Gakuen School of Music and then took classes at the prestigious Tokyo University of the Arts. Koki has performed at major venues including the Stefánia Palace, The Louvre Museum, and the Maison de la culture du Japon. Inspired by European and Japanese classical music as well as jazz and electronic music, he released his first album, Lift, in 2016, which showcases his contemporary chamber music compositions.
On June 27, Koki will play some of his favorite and new compositions.

¿Que Vola?, or “What’s Up?” in the argot of La Havana, is a unique musical project that brings together seven of France’s best young jazz musicians with a trio of highly skilled Cuban percussionists. The brainchild of trombonist Fidel Fourneyron, ¿Que Vola? takes the magnetic power of sacred Afro-Cuban rhythms, with their invocations to African gods, and envelopes them in the poesy of John Coltrane. Experience their unique, raw, and captivating sound!