Thirteen Moons in New Orleans – June 2012

A musical project between Grayhawk Perkins & French band Mezcal Jazz Unit

New Orleans – June 2012

Thirteen Moons is an original musical project featuring New Orleans musician GrayHawk Perkins, a Native American of the Choctaw and Houma Nations, and Mezcal Jazz Unit, a French Jazz quartet from Montpellier. At the heart of this collaboration is a unique collection of chants in the Mobilian trade language composed by GrayHawk and arranged by Emmanuel de Gouvello (band leader of Mezcal Jazz Unit.) The songs refer to the thirteen moons of the traditional Native American calendar. This project begins with a residency at the Musicians Union Hall in June 2012 which will result in a series of concerts at Café Istanbul in New Orleans (Friday 15 at 9 pm), Cité des Arts in Lafayette (Sunday 17 at 7 pm) and Dew Drop Jazz and social hall in Mandeville (Monday 18 at 6:30 pm) The music resulting from this unique collaboration takes the audience by surprise; incorporating the Native American chants into the diverse musical realms of the artists. Following the Thirteen Moons project, Mezcal Jazz Unit will also play at Snug Harbor in New Orleans (Saturday 16 at 8 pm)