Housse de Racket Covers The Beach Boys’ “‘Til I Die”, perform at Coachella

Housse de Racket

Housse de Racket continues to take on America, touring nearly non-stop. This weekend and next weekend they take to Coachella performing on the Gobi Stage at 1:10PM. Additional French artists performing can be found here. Not only do they have stops at the festival in Indio, California, but they’ve also just released a new cover of The Beach Boys’ song “‘Til I Die”, which premiered this week via Cover Me. The song is available below via Soundcloud, as well as with their accompanying, “surreal” video shot in North Dakota and a mention why the band chose the song. If you want more from the group, they also released the Roadmance Mixtape a month ago which you can find on their Soundcloud.

“This song’s always been a mystery to us,” the duo says. “The chord progression is a symphony in itself. Brian Wilson at his best! …Two French guys from the suburb of Paris dreaming of California, landscapes & reverberation.”

Housse de Racket and bureauexport collaborated in 2010 around their album Forty Love. Housse de Racket received assistance around two tour dates including Rockness Festival as well as a PR campaign for radio, TV, online, and other press outlets in addition to interviews.