Chassol to perform his ultrascore “Indiamore” at River To River festival in NYC, June 21st

The first encounters of Chassol with Indian music date from his teenage years where, thanks to John Mc Laughlin and his band Shakti, he could hear ragas, rhythm structures and Indian instruments mixed with jazz. Then came Ravi Shankar, Hariprasad Chaurasia and the devotional songs.

More recently, the documentaries by Louis Malle (Phantom India) and by Johan van der Keuken (The Eye Above The Well) left their marks on him and after having harmonized New-Orleans in “Nola Cherie”, the choice to attempt at an harmonization of life, sounds, motifs, noises and traffic from

Northern India quite naturally grew on him. In Calcutta and Varanasi, India’s most ancient city, he went to shoot sitarists, percussionists, singers,

dancers, the kids, the Ganga, the city and the apparent chaos of the traffic. Indiamore spreads over four movements, one same tonal harmonic suite of warm and real pop chords that marries the modal Indian music usually resting on a sole continuous bass line played by the

tampura. In repeating these images, in treating their sound as a music material and in harmonizing the actors’ speech with his own harmonic obsessions, he achieves to blend a documentary approach into a purely musical work.



Press Review:

Libération : “The author leads the project with so many passionate candor and obvious pop talent that

his pieces quickly become mini-tubes everyday.”! “To discover absolutely without hesitation.

Indiamore will deliver unprecedented visual and audio experience.”

Magic : “An amazing and daydreaming work.”

L’Express : “Chassol constructed an incredibly rich release, a discreet epic made with precious

meetings and inner crossings.”

Les Inrockuptibles : “Impossible to clearly define him as is music, much more intelligent and refined

than average, seems animated by a fierce independence of mind.”

Grazia : “Music and picture match with melancholy and carry us to happiness.”


Indiamore DVD/CD package is available now on Tricatel Records

Chassol will perform Indiamore live at River To River Festival on June 21st at Pier 15 in NYC

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