New Superpoze Album + Tour Dates

French musician Superpoze just released his second album titled “For We The Living.” The 8-track LP is a remarkable combination of divine music and visuals, which narrate a two-part act. The first four tracks broach an impending disaster, with a soundtrack that describes its development and climax, while the following four tracks symbolize an emotional aftermath.

The ethereal album is entirely instrumental, except for “A Photograph,” where the haunting song is accompanied by vocals from Dream Koala. The aural journey that “For We The Living” takes the listener through is accompanied by a series of videos and a booklet, which Superpoze created with the artist collective Television. Superpoze has an incredible setup to accompany him in his live shows. Each show tells a story from start to finish as he plays on a synth pad, classic piano, controllers and other live band components.

For the first time, Superpoze is embarking on a North American tour with shows in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Unlike other artists, Superpoze had never gone to a nightclub to hear music. His very first time in a club was as a performer.

More info and tour dates on Superpoze’s France Rocks page