M83 Shares “Do It, Try it” Remix

M83, aka Anthony Gonzalez, shares a remix of “Do It, Try It,” from mysterious French electronic duo, The Blaze. Celebrated by Pete Tong and Nowness, the pair is adept at carving out the exhilaration and wistful energy of the dance floor and shaping it into their own somber compositions. Their take on M83’s “Do It, Try It” opens majestically with Debussy-esque pianos before unfurling into a heady journey that glistens with warmth and melancholy, with Anthony’s joyous vocal riding through waves of distortion into house-tinged ecstasy.

The Blaze remix is available now and will also be released as part of the “Do It, Try It” digital single, which includes remixes by TEPR and Loframes. Listen to “Do It, Try It (The Blaze Remix)” HERE.

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