France Rocks Radio Compilation, Volume 2

France Rocks is back for this second edition of their College Radio compilation, with fifteen of the most exciting acts coming out of France today, from international pop superstars like Stromae, Lilly Wood & the Prick, and Christine and the Queens to up-and-coming underground electro acts like Cotton Claw, Bobmo, and Einleit, with everything in between for your listening pleasure.

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Presenting Volume 2 of France Rocks:

1. Lilly Wood & The Prick, “Prayer in C” from the album Invincible Friends (RE, 2014, Edition Robin Schulz Remix) courtesy of Wagram Records

Their story is a musical fairytale. One night, Nili and Ben met in a bar. Something magical happened. She sang, he played the guitar. They began to create their first songs, with a folk/blues influence. In 2009, thanks to the internet, Lilly Wood & The Prick appeared in France, with a surprising cover of Santigold’s “L.E.S Artistes”. In 2014, the track “Prayer in C” remixed by the German DJ, Robin Schulz blew up in France and all over the world. More than 1,500,000 singles have been sold.

Lilly Wood & The Prick’s France Rocks Page

2. Stromae, “Papaoutai” from the album Racine carrée courtesy of Universal Music France

Stromae is back with his nomadic and universal new album Racine carrée (Square root), written and composed all around the world on his laptop. He puts his unique recipe into practice more than ever: heavy words on heady beats. Who said the shortest stories are the best?

Stromae’s France Rocks Page

3. Bobmo, “When I Look Feat. Shaun J. Wright” from the EP When I Look courtesy of Back Office Records and Marble Records

Hugues Rey aka BOBMO has been making dance music for almost ten years. Hailing from Bordeaux, he started as one of the signature artists of the late Institutes label and was known for his raw producing. Recently BOBMO has focused on a deeper, more contemplative sound injected with mystique. In 2011, he released The Cliff EP on Marble, the label he launched with Para One and Surkin. This was followed by the Sonic Soul EP, and his very first full-length, New Dawn.

Bobmo’s France Rocks Page

4. The Avener, “Fade Out Lines” from the album The Wanderings Of The Avener courtesy of Universal Music France

The single Fade Out Lines was a huge international success, offering a foretaste of The Avener’s upcoming album, The Wanderings Of The Avener (January 2015), a sophisticated electro manifesto in the spirit of St Germain and his boulevard’s nu-jazz sampling, reconciling the styles of Moby and Wankelmut, King Britt and Cassius.

The Avener’s France Rocks Page

5. Ibeyi, “River” from the album Ibeyi courtesy of XL Recordings

A magical encounter with Richard Russell, founder of the legendary label XL Recordings (Adele, The XX, Radiohead, MIA, Jack White), propels the Ibeyi twins into the spotlight. Russell (Damon Albarn, Gil Scott Heron, and Bobby Womack) went on to produce their album, nourishing their contemporary Yoruban percussive sound with sounds from electro and hip-hop.

Ibeyi’s France Rocks Page

6. Christine and the Queens – “Tilted” from the EP Saint-Claude courtesy of Because Records and Neon Gold Records

Winter of 2010. At night. She’s walking in London. She’s totally lost. Apparently, she’s at some turning point of her life. She pushes through the door of Madame Jojo’s, an underworld bar located in Soho. She realizes she’s found a salutary spot. She’ll be hanging here, every night, for many weeks. First, alone at a table, irresistibly attracted by the untamed freedom of the transvestites who perform here. Until three queens take notice of her silent presence…

Christine and the Queen’s France Rocks Page

7. Thousand, “The Flying Pyramid” from the EP Tous les jours courtesy of Talitres

Thousand is the project of French songwriter Stéphane Milochevitch. He spent his teenage years in Texas, where he developed his musical and cultural identity. With Olivier Marguerit on bass, keys, and vocals, Raphaël Séguinier on drums, and Emma Broughton and Maud Nadal on vocals, Thousand presents a beautiful collection of pop-folk gems and of elegant and soulful songwriting with an addictive edge, all reminiscent of the Supremes and Bill Callahan dipped in synth pop and afro beat.

Thousand’s France Rocks Page

8. Einleit, “Air” from the EP And I a twister love what I abhor courtesy of Sacré Coeur Music

Einleit are the soundtrack to your subconscious. They create sonic plateaus that suspend, expand, flood, contract, and burst like murky shadows across a dreamscape. Describing themselves as “pop noire électronique” the Parisian trio draw from electronica, progressive rock, and Japanese music to create a multi-dimensional sonic terrain.

Einleit’s France Rocks Page

9. Husbands, “Dream” from the album Husbands courtesy of YEAH! Records, Microphone Recordings and Alter K

The supergroup Husbands, from the French Riviera, is the first signing on the new label YEAH!, founded by superstar French Touch producer Laurent Garnier. The three boys Mathieu (Kid Francescoli), Simon (Nasser) and Mathieu (Oh! Tiger Mountain) put Marseille on the worldwide map of electronic pop. Husbands’ music is a celebration of love and friendship and the fight against frustration and boredom.

Husbands’ France Rocks Artist Page

10. Motorama, “Heavy Wave” from the album Poverty courtesy of Talitres and The Syndicate

One of the most acclaimed Russian indie acts in recent years, Motorama are a five-piece from Rostov-on-Don vigorously mixing the aesthetics of new wave and post punk infused with intelligently buoyant flair, dreamy pop, and danceable beats. They have toured worldwide with Deerhunter, Hype Williams and Shackleton, and played many of Europe’s largest festivals.

Motorama’s France Rocks Page 

11. Disco Anti Napoleon, “Blue Lawn” from the EP Blue Lawn courtesy of Futur records and Peer Music

Disco Anti Napoleon consists of four Nantes musicians claiming a psychedelically saturated, tangled genealogy. Born at the end of 2010, Disco Anti Napoleon is poised upon spirally echoes and voluptuous yet dance-worthy layers. D.A.N. ignites the amps in an orgy of floating sounds, a pop factory raised obliquely through gourmet reverberations.

Disco Anti Napoleon’s France Rocks Page

12. Cotton Claw, “Grainy” from the album Volutes courtesy of Cascade Records

Cotton Claw is a brand new project that brings together four French producers: LileaNarrative, Zo aka La Chauve-Souris, YoggyOne, and Zerolex. A live band, Cotton Claw takes us into their world tinged with powerful club music, fluffy house with massive analog synths, unstoppable arpeggios, and sexy granular melodies.

Cotton Claw’s France Rocks Page

13. Deluxe, “My Game” from the album Family Show courtesy of Chinese Man Records

Freely inspired by the great masters of hip hop, jazz and funk, Deluxe creates its own unique musical recipe in which there is only one constant: the groove! The group consists of five members: Kaya on bass, Kilo on drums and turntables, Pietre on guitar, Soubri on electronics, Pepe on brass and Liliboy, a singer with a sweet yet explosive voice.

Deluxe’s France Rocks Page

14. Vaudou Game, “Pas Contente (Featuring Roger Damawuzan)” from the album Apiafo courtesy of Hot Casa Records and Alter K

Do you believe in magic? James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and Fela Kuti have all reincarnated in one man. Vaudou Game upholds Togolese tradition with the addition of blazing psychedelic funk riffs. Be happy, the album including the French language hit “Pas Contente” smacks with a crazy trance and an explosive combination of vintage and modern sound.

Vadou Game’s France Rocks Page

15. Brigitte, “À bouche que veux-tu” from the album À bouche que veux-tu courtesy of Sony Music

Brigitte – who are neither one woman nor always called Brigitte in real life – bring us their second album: À bouche que veux-tu (Mouth of Plenty). À bouche que veux-tu was entirely written by Aurélie and Sylvie during their 250+ dates international tour and released on their self-created label, B. Records.

Brigitte’s France Rocks Page