Brigitte is a French indie folk musical duo formed in 2008 by Sylvie Hoarau (the brunette) and Aurélie Saada (the blonde). Their 2011 debut full-length album Et vous, tu m’aimes? Reached double platinum status with close to 180 000 albums sold. The duo met in 2008 and recorded demos and was immediately scheduled on many festivals and opened for Anaïs. 2009 the band covered NTM’s –Joey Starr’s band- hit single “Ma Benz” and entered radios and the music videos is broadcasted on MTV. With the release of their first single “Battez-Vous”, Brigitte became a real phenomenon that the press largely grasped.

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Watch the Video for Brigitte’s New Single (March 2015)

Brigitte – who are neither a woman nor always called Brigitte in real life – bring us their second album: À bouche que veux-tu (Mouth of Plenty). Here, Aurélie Saada and Sylvie Hoarau play pepper-red-lipped twins, double-(em)bodying a multilayered woman who wears her incongruities with pride. Today’s Brigitte is as much a project Barbarella with a boxer’s body as she is a sleek cat delighted to be held captive by a dazzling lover. À bouche que veux-tu was entirely written by Aurélie and Sylvie during their tour of more than 250 dates in France and abroad. It was made for their own label, B. Records, which they created for that very purpose. They brought in Marlon B to co-produce this second album with them, having already worked with him on “Et vous, tu m’aimes ?”