Yelle’s “French Pop Invasion” featured on ABC!


ABC News recently ran a special interview with Julie Budet, also known as Yelle, talking about touring on Safari Disco Club, the follow-up to the highly successful 2007 Pop-Up. In the video, Yelle shares her thoughts on returning to America and touring throughout the States on the album. Be sure to check out the interview on ABC here!

She also spent time talking about her latest video, “Comme un Enfant,” going into working with Montreal-based director Jérémie Saindon as well as stylist Clémande Burgevin. You can check out the second ABC article here!

Yelle and the bureauexport have collaborated over the past years to support their development in the United States. This year, Yelle benefited from bureauexport‘s support to launch promotional and online marketing campaigns for Safari Disco Club as well as their spring and winter U.S. tours

As a refresher, below is the new video from Yelle: