France Rocks Austin: Interview with Yelle


Photo Credit: Gregoire Alexandre

In recent years, Yelle has been synonymous with French music in America. This year at SXSW 2012, Yelle DJs came to Austin to perform and spread their dance moves to eager crowds. Just prior to the Yelle DJ set at the Bureau Export & The Agency Group Party on Wednesday, March 14th at Mohawk, the second of two France Rocks Austin parties, Julie Budet spoke about SXSW, other exciting bands, and learning French! Along with the interview, check out their “Comme Un Enfant (Freaks Radio Mix)” featured on the France Rocks Austin 2012 sampler along with photos from this year’s successful event!

How would you describe SXSW?

Julie Budet : It’s huge! It’s one long week. There are tons of bands and tons of venues. It’s really simple for artists to be here. You aren’t lost because everything is so well organized. People are really nice and they are trying to help you all of the time so it’s not stressful. It’s a great experience.

This is the second time for us. We love Austin. We love it more during SXSW because of something we can’t really explain. I think you have to live it. It’s a really good festival. For professionals, I know it’s important for them because they can discover new bands and is an important moment for the music industry.

So for the first time that you came to SXSW, what did you know about it before and what was your first impression?

I didn’t really know what SXSW was. I heard it was a huge festival for professional people, but it’s an important moment for both the music industry and music in general. It’s good to be at SXSW when you’re starting out. So the first time we came, it was a really big surprise because we didn’t know how to react or what to think about what was happening. It was just a cool surprise. We had a good time because we were staying in a house on South Congress Avenue, so it was like vacation. We had time to chill, to see a lot of different shows. It was a really great experience. I hope to have the chance to be back, both as a band but just as somebody to watch cool shows and have fun.

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