Rinôcérôse back in NYC for 3 concerts in June!

6/3 Dj set at Nouveau York Party @ Le Bain / Standard Hotel


6/4 Les Deferlantes French Festival with Izia and Dionysos @ Le Poisson Rouge


 6/5 Headline show @ Glassland Gallery, Williamsburg




The Group «rinôçérôse» was formed in 1996 by Patrice « Patou » Carrié and Jean-Philippe Freu as an instrumental music group, combining the genres of House, Pop, and Rock fused by high-tech visual effects into an artistic expression of sensational music. Over the years, they have added different vocalists on their songs including Mark Gardener (from Ride), Ninja (from GO team!), Luke Paterson (Deaf Stereo), and of course Bnann from Infadels to create an evolving and daring sound. Their songs and performances allow the audience to feel, see, and live the sounds like no other artistic musical experience, and the best way to understand the impact of their music is to experience it at their live show!