FRENCH 79 is coming to the USA!

After his instant-classic debut album Olympic in 2017, featuring the singles Between the Buttons, a contemplative and cinematic gem, and the uplifting pop anthem Diamond Veins, Marseille based genius Simon Henner became the savior of electronic French music. Following the paths of Erik Satie, Jean Michel Jarre and Daft Punk, FRENCH 79 isn’t only a synth master with a unique sonic arpeggiator signature. He’s also a songwriter and performer, who sometimes even takes the microphone to sing his soul out, like on Hometown, the hit from his second album the mind blowing album Joshua. A true artist crafting songs that people love around the world, whether it’s peak time in a club or a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

His music is a multi layered experience of harmonies and melodies: “When I was a teenager I discovered the power of music, the way it makes you enter another world, far from reality. As and adult, I wanted to pay tribute to the era I shaped myself in – the ’80s and ’90s”.

French 79 is also a an amazing producer, everyone knows Kid Francescoli’s Moon hit now certified diamond. Everything he touches turns into art. Even his lifestyle, leaving part time on his boat is a statement of freedom: “I need escape to be able to create. A two or three-day sailing trip gives me enough inspiration to lock myself in the studio for a week when I’m back on dry land. I need to feel emotions in my life to inject them in my music and connect with the audience, it’s a whole journey we’re all part of”

Listening to French 79’s music means asking party in a super epic odyssey, a majestic journey in search of hedonism, combined with introspection: pressing play to Code Zero or Hold On is the best way to feel alive.

Catch him live during his current world tour (including USA in May 2022):