France Rocks Austin: Interview with We Were Evergreen

We Were Evergreen, Photo Credit Raphael Daniel

Photo Credit: Raphael Daniel

Brush Square crowds were abuzz with one of the latest bands to come out of France during SXSW 2012. We Were Evergreen is a trio that perform indie pop that often moves into dance parties. William, Fabienne and Michael shared impressions of their first time at SXSW and in Austin after their performance at the Bureau Export & Angers Loire Valley party Wednesday, March 14th at Brush Square, the first of two France Rocks Austin parties. In addition to the interview and their video of “Vintage Car’, be sure to check out their song “Baby Blue” featured on the France Rocks Austin 2012 sampler as well as photos from their set in Austin!

This is We Were Evergreen’s first time at SXSW. What are your impressions? How would you compare it to other festivals?

Fabienne: You can’t.

Michael: It’s so different from the rest. It’s so big. It’s much bigger than anything else that we’ve seen.

Fabienne: And there are a lot of really good things going on at the same time in a lot of different venues. It’s huge. It’s great!

William: I think it’s comparable to The Great Escape in Brighton [England] and Eurosonic in Holland. It’s very international.

Michael: And it’s about ten times as big. It’s crazier than most things you will see, I think.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen so far?

All: Patrick Watson.

Michael: Without a doubt.

William: In a church.

Michael: Yesterday.

William: It was amazing.

What did you know about SXSW before coming?

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