Listen to Air’s “Le Voyage dans La Lune” on NPR Music’s First Listen today!


110 years after the original, groundbreaking film of Georges Méliès “Le Voyage Dans La Lune” gave way to science fiction and special effects in the cinema world, the film was restored and debuted for the first time in color after the color version was rediscovered years ago. Accompanying the restored film, Air was brought on to provide the soundtrack to the 1902 film, thus giving us Le Voyage Dans La Lune. Today you can listen to their new opus in its entirety via NPR Music! The album will be released February 7th with a DVD featuring the restored, 14-minute film.


bureauexport and Air have collaborated together throughout the years, particularly with their album Love 2 where bureauexport assisted a promotional trip to the UK for an interview and radio session. For the United States around Pocket Symphony, bureauexport supported Air for two US tours including their April-May tour and five tour dates in September.