Sneak Preview of Isaac Delusion Debut

Isaac Delusion Album Here’s a first extract from the rising Parisian band ISAAC DELUSION, on their debut album.

This song called “Children of the Night” has just been released on Soundcloud, and already racked up  +50,000 plays in no time.

Click here to listen:  

Either way, only the shadow of an airy sleep can allow someone to intermix pop, electronic, hip hop loops, folk and a funk bass, all that with an unbearable lightness. Isaac Delusion make sleepwalking tunes. Made of dreamy ballads, always these vague landscapes, undefinable vastness and also time that is running through our fingers.

It’s a happy marriage of genres, it’s all about something spontaneous. Endless musical horizons, selecting samples and melodies on the sole criterion of emotion, and everything starts from there, then it just makes bubbles.

The band is unique, it wanders while maintaining its identity.