Bureau Export at Mondo Festival

New York City music lovers will experience two of the best French Artists Co-presented by The Bureau Export, and France Rocks, in partnership with Mondo NYC a festival and global business summit in its 2nd year.


Grit hail from Paris, a rock quartet with a lot of force, sex appeal and attitude.

They’ve just released their debut album ‘Shreds of Tales’ to critical acclaim.

Touring all over Europe making a name for themselves, Grit hope to do the same in the U.S as they make their American Debut.

“It’s a sound that sets some ears drifting back to the early days of Seattle-shaped grunge, but that’s testament more to the band’s sheer energy than a workable description of their music”- Goldmine.


Manu Lanvin also hailing from Paris and proclaimed one of the hottest blues artists of our generation!

The likes of Calvin Harris and Quincy Jones have endorsed him.  He is literally a one man band playing a multitude of instruments including vocals, guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, piano, harp and theremin.

His catalogue runs deep with already five albums under his belt.

His NY performance has fans and industry eagerly anticipating!

I jump on any opportunity to bring French Music to NYC, and Mondo made great sense to partner with as the former founders of CMJ have a great reputation in the conference and festival space. We’re basically picking up where we left off”.  Michele Amar, Dir of Bureau Export/ France Rocks.

MONDO NYC is a festival and global business summit of music and tech industry insiders and innovators, emerging artists and their fans.  Mondo connects their fans and creators in a shared mission of empowering artists and advancing ideas in an ever-changing music business.



GRIT @ 7PM Thursday, Oct 5th – Delancey Lounge

MANU LANVIN  @ 10PM Thursday, Oct 5th – Drom