Check out this new Ibeyi video for “Stranger / Lover”

The Cuban French twin sisters of Ibeyi are on the loose again and ready to take the US by storm! One of their bigger gigs includes Webster Hall in New York, where they’ll be playing on October 2nd! Come listen to their strange and beautiful tunes sung in English and Yoruba – an ancient Nigerian language their ancestors used to speak before arriving in Cuba – on Afro-cuban rhythms mixed with fuse jazz beats.

Their new video for “Stranger / Lover” was also just released today! It features the twins in a dark room, their faces being mixed up and their two identities being mingled, with anonymous hands stroking them, leaving their fingerprints on them… “The hands are passionate and maybe represent the imprints our partners make on us long after they’re gone. There’s also a little liberated headbanging, embodying the freedom of letting go.”

Watch the video and see Ibeyi’s full US tour schedule on their France Rocks page here