CharlElie Couture at Club Bonafide

CharlElie Couture has not only made a name for himself as a talented singer/songwriter, he has also established an excellent reputation as a painter, photographer and producer. He will perform May 13th at Club Bonafide in New York.

With his distinctive stony nasal voice and his strong regional accent, CharlElie Couture is one of the most colorful figures to have emerged from the new French music scene. Equally at home sitting behind his piano or strumming his acoustic guitar, CharlElie has experimented with a number of different musical styles in the course of his career, exploring rock and electronic music before re-discovering the blues on his latest album, Lafayette.

The rock poet and musical painter went to the heart of the Louisiana bayou to record his twentieth studio album.The raw, festive album wonderfully sums up the essence of the music he has been making for nearly four decades: an intense, profound, hot, sultry blues, swampy rock, but tinged with poetry. Lafayette was for him the best place to record this album because of the mythical idea he has that Louisiana is a ‘mix of cultures like the French island lost in the middle of the American world’. Once again the singer aims to build bridges between French and American culture.

CharlElie Couture
Club Bonafide, NYC

May 13, 2017 at 9:30PM

More info on CharlElie’s France Rocks page