New Video : Stuck in the Sound – ‘Serious’

Stuck in the Sound just released today their last video for ‘Serious’ single !

Stand by for immediate boarding. Board the only ‘Billy Believe Airlines’ airplane for a 3-minute trip. Let José, the commander, carry you away with his singular voice and the rest of the band on this pop track. Welcome on board and have a nice flight !

About Billy Believe last album

An electric record powered by solar energy, the kaleidoscopic songs in this collection fuse fierce adrenaline rushes to pop melodies in an attempt breathe life into the embers of a panting world.

Stuck in the Sound leap into the future with the same feverish, youthful abandon that’s made them so special since their beginnings 12 years ago. True to their roots, the band still draws inspiration from the US indie rock scene of the 90’s (“See you Again”, “Vegan Porn Food”) but mixes in New Wave anthems, like first single “Alright” that are bound to whip their already hectic crowds into a full force frenzy. The band doesn’t shy away from straightforward pop, either, dropping lovesick hits like “Forever Days” and the funk-infused falsetto ballad “Break Up.”