New video” Chloe – Androgyne feat Alain Chamfort

Solab and Lumiere Noire present “Androgyne”, Chloe’s  new music video directed by Lola Quivoron, for her track featuring Alain Chamfort.

Read what Lola Quivoron has to said about the video:

“Androgyne” brings up a mysterious spectre figure that we can “sense”. To picture the music video I felt like summoning the patterns that besiege my cinematographic work.

I wanted to carry on my research with the DRC (Dirty Riderz Crew) community: riders from working-class areas who gather to “offend cities” by multiplying acrobatic feats at full speed. What I like is the impact produced by the colliding of their universe and the music. Chloe’s hypnotic and penetrating score combined with Alain Chamfort’s spellbinding voice append the images like a filter, like a subtext that twists the documentary substance, gives it another tinge, introduces some confusion, some strangeness.

My design was to tell the story of a breavement, spattered by absence, fantasy and ghosts. Usually relegated to stereotyped representations of violence, power and manliness, the riders, here to confronted to the dissapearance of one of their own, embody something different from what would be expected. The emotion, the tenderness and the unity that seizes them supplants the fierce energy of the machines’ velocity.

The bike is the fetishistic and sacred object. It is at the core of their care and the ritual they undertake to ward off the loss.