The Great Man Hiboo World Debut- Sept 16th Friday in Chicago for France Rocks

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Great Man Hiboo is a musician / producer / DJ, with a distinctive personality.  February 7, 2020, Great Man Hiboo released his first EP that he composed and produced. He unveils his live show, accompanied by MC Billa Camp and musician Shane Jonas, both from Chicago and part of LowDown Brass Band on Friday, September 16th at The Hideout in Chicago.  This is the World Debut!  Billa Camp and Great Man Hiboo first collaborated through computer screens. In Chicago, Billa recorded voices for the title “Western life” of Great Man Hiboo and he shot some clips for the video. Mutual trust and understanding between the the two artists sparkled in this long-distance working relationship. In June 2018, Great Man Hiboo flew to Chicago to record the 4-track EP. Sound mixing is directed by English producer Steve Osborne (New Order / Placebo / Moby / U2). Between February and June 2019, he revealed on his Youtube channel three videos totalising more than 130,000 views. But no one has ever seen the face of Great Man Hiboo. Not only because he plays with a mask on stage. Not only because Great Man Hiboo is a cartoon character in his videos. Half-man, half owl, Great Man Hiboo is a mutant character with a real existence on social networks. In real life, Great Man Hiboo is a virtual character. He is the avatar created by the artist Olli (Olli & the Bollywood Orchestra) for his electronic music projects. And on stage? At the crossroads between music, live performance, video and original scenography, every appearance of Great Man Hiboo lives up to the mysteries of the character.

He’ll DJ with visuals behind him and LDB horns will perform alongside Shane Jonas on vocals and MC Billa.



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