New release: The Blaze’s debut album “Dancehall” is out

The duo of music producers and film directors started off with their inaugural track, Virile, released in 2016 on Bromance records. The Blaze then went on to release their debut Territory EP in April 2017, which represented a milestone in their career, wining notably the Film Craft Grand prix at Cannes Lions. Earlier this year, producers duo rekindles its musical and visual poetry with its new self-directed video, Heaven. Conceived as a great escape through a sunbathed countryside, it is a revived “Déjeuner sur l’herbe”, where a thriving youth is back at the very center, exuding happiness.

Just before the release of their debut album, The Blaze revealed the video for their second single Queens. As always, everything The Blaze create is open to total interpretation. The ambiguity of their music and film alike is arguably what makes the band so alluring, constantly launching the viewer high onto a bed of complex human emotions.

DANCEHALLtheir debut album, was realeased on Animal63 on September 7th. Not to be confused with the sound specific of the Jamaican genre, DANCEHALL is instead a tribute to the scene itself which originated in the 1940’s. The dance hall was created from a desire to simply come together and party, at a time when the only way to listen to your favourite artist was to come together in such a way. This was a place where people lived, loved and danced.

…epic, rough-hewed emotional landscapes that surge and yearn, pulsing thickly with sun-streaked, blurry edges. It is body music – dance music – but it works subcutaneously, operating on the level of emotion and thought more than movement
The New York Times

Listen to Dancehall here