FRANCE ROCKS EXCLUSIVE: Patrick Bruel Interview & Ticket Giveaway

An exclusive interview with French film, TV, and music legend Patrick Bruel.

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Interview: Karine Wong

As each tour comes to an end a new movie is born. Between concerts and shootings, French music and acting sensation Patrick Bruel barely has time to catch his breath. The artist will begin a small American tour in the next few days that will stop in Miami, New York, Boston, Houston, Washington and a last minute stop to Montreal.

This little US tour looks great. Are these cities or audiences that you are discovering for the first time?

I am returning to New York, Washington and Los Angeles, but I hope it will only be the beginning in Boston, Houston and Miami. I’m like a flea. I count down the days and I’m really happy to come back here and share what I love to do with the audience that I discovered during my last visit. I arrive on October the 29th in Miami for the concert on the 30th and head to New York the day after. I must admit, this city means a lot to me. I lived there a long time ago and for a while … It has a significant place in my heart for several reasons. It is the origin of lots of things and events that have marked and then determined the rest of my life. I became who I am thanks to its energy. From this experience are born feelings, decisions and lots of meetings … So then, coming back to New York is always very symbolic and moving to me. I expect that future great moment but also hope to experience moments as strong as in New York in the other towns.

Since it’s a return, without revealing anything, can you tempt us with how this evening will be different on your end? By the way, how is your English?

It is like the English of someone who has lived long enough in the USA to be, I think, not too bad! Come see me and find out for yourself. Be my guest!

This American adventure is somehow a continuation of the tour we just did in Europe, which was my biggest and best tour. It began in France with a final performance at Lille’s stadium in front of six millions viewers watching online, in addition to the 50,000 people at the stadium. This was followed by the Royal Albert Hall of London which was the highlight – even though I know there will be another one – that will probably be in New York. The concert in itself, is musically quite rich and very pop-rock oriented. Of course, I can’t forget the French tradition with a few songs from the 30s. But what makes the “show” as they say, is I think this wonderful atmosphere generated by the audience which spreads back to the stage like wildfire. It’s pretty hard to explain, you have to be there to experience it.

You make the trip up here to an audience with a majority of expatriates who do not often have the opportunity to see you. Do you take the time to meet them at the end of your concerts?

Absolutely. I meet as many people as possible. I will not deny that there is no dinner organized at the end with the entire public but I always get to meet new people. Often before, during the sound checks. I run into them a lot and especially the people in the street. That said, Houston, LA and Miami are big cities so I’m not sure to run into everyone after the concert but to answer your question I give those moments priority as often as possible and they are often magical.

I saw there was a small break between Washington and Los Angeles, is it for a stop in Vegas?

Initially, it was to make a stop and see two or three friends, but I did a TV show in Quebec two months ago and the news presenter said, “But Patrick, why does the North-American tour not pass by Montreal? The 6th after Washington you’re free! “She opened the venue ticket sale live on TV and filled both venues within the hour. So now, I will do two concerts on November 6th in Montreal. The first at 7pm and the second at 9pm and it is already packed.

They are rare here those whose audience consists of a majority of Americans. You know that’s how Aznavour started? And you certainly know more …

My goodness! You cannot imagine how much I’d love to create something a little more concrete here. No, but let’s be serious, those are quite big shoes to fill! Anyway, yes, that would be really amazing.

Let’s end with the movie coming out this month in France “Tu veux ou tu veux pas” with Sophie Marceau …

It was a pretty nice adventure. The story of a sex addict who meets a nymphomaniac who refuses his advances. It’s quite a hilarious situation and poses a real reflection about the couple, love, commitment and sexuality. It’s pretty funny, it’s good and people seem to enjoy it so I hope it will be released in your country.


Miami Beach, FL 10/30 @ The Fillmore [TICKETS]
New York, NY
 11/01 @ Beacon Theater [TICKETS]
Boston, MA 11/02 @ Berklee Performance Center [TICKETS]
Houston, TX 11/04 @ House of Blues [TICKETS]
Washington DC 11/05 @ Warner Theater [TICKETS] 
Los Angeles, CA 11/08 @ The Orpheum Theatre [TICKETS]

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