09/20 – Patricia Kaas sings Edith Piaf @ The Town Hall

Patricia Kaas is one of the most loved singers of the French stage: 16 million albums sold in 47 countries, and 6 Victoires de la Musique awards. It all started in 1988, when she released her first album “Mademoiselle chante le blues”. She became the Kaas phenomenon and her songs became anthems of the 90s. Ten years later, she had become a major French singer and one of the most listened to across the world. Her tribute album to 30s cabarets, Kabaret, became a sensation with 800,000 copies sold worldwide and 145 shows in 35 countries within two years.

In Russia, she is considered as the most influential foreign artist. In Shanghai and Beijing, where she frequently performs, the press calls her « The French Madonna ». She also performed twice at the Beacon Theatre in New York: Both concerts were sold out. Her songs, as well as her covers of great French tunes, thrill fans of all ages and nationalities. Her latest album, Kaas chante Piaf, released in November 2012, pays tribute to the memory of Edith Piaf, gone now for 50 years.

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