Zimmer – New video ‘Mayans’ and in New York on June

Following the release of his last single Wildflowers featuring Panama, Zimmer unveils Mayans, taken from his debut album to be released in September on Roche Musique.

Mayans reveals the artistic’s new musical spectrum: dark, mystical, and intense. Driven by an Hypnotizing disco bass line and a moody guitar melody, other-worldly vocals and morphing synth lines propels Mayans at he climax or a ritual ceremony. 

Directed by Claire Pallisier from Parisian studio H5, the CGI based video dives deep into Zimmer’s imagination: a magnetic journey into a mystical world.  


Zimmer will also be performing in New York, at Elsewhere, on June 15th, as part of the France Rocks Summer Fest 2019!