New Release from Alter-K: Seriously, Eric? #7

It’s time to enter unexplored galaxies of music with trend-setting French label Alter-K as they embark upon this, their seventh installment in the “Seriously, Eric?” series

The series includes news, exclusives and rarities: prestigious artists (Bikini Machine, Kid Francescoli, Red Snapper), tireless newcomers (Sticky Fingers, Secret Colours, Lorelle meets the Obsolete, Holy Family) the darlings of the moment (!. Husbands, Oh Tiger Mountain, Smoove & Turrell, Alps, Donzelle ft Numero # here remixed by Plaisir de France); UFOs (The Yolks, Talk to Robots, The Gordon, Virgil Allien), reveries to class (Astronauts, Ephemerals) and lest we we forget more intriguing names (Hello Bye Bye, Chevalrex).

More than just a collection of great songs, Seriously, Eric? # 7 shows that tribal disco, synth pop, modern soul, psychedelic rock, music library or baggy futuristic can give the replica to create the soundtrack for a new uninhibited and adventurous world.

“Seriously, Eric? This is the annual collection of independent music label Alter-K, which is heard in any season and without never be out of fashion … I must say that Alter-K and above the eye large modern pop ears, which give off no new talent in their very sharp hearing range. “ – Les Inrocks

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