Yelle new single “Karaté” and album pre-order available on June 24th !

Yelle – “Karaté”

New single out on June 24th !

“Karaté” is the complete opposite of Yelle’s previous single “Je t’aime encore”. How so? Well, it’s not soft, it’s acid. It’s not tender, it’s hectic. The lyrics are not long, they are one sentence. Looping again and again, invading your brain cells and your body & soul to liberate the karateka dancer inside you. You can hear some traditional Breton music vibes in the way the words answer themselves but you are definitely in the future. A fun future. Bit brutal, but fun. Cause it’s Yelle! The mood is amazing!

Her new album L’Ère du Verseau
out on September 4th!

Pre-order available on June 24th

+ 1,5M streams already on the first single !

About Yelle

Yelle is a French group founded by lead singer and namesake Yelle (Julie Budet) and GrandMarnier (Jean-François Perrier). The band came to prominence when it posted an early version of the song “Je veux te voir” on MySpace in September 2005, which later reached the top five in France. After adding Tanguy Destable, also known as Tepr, the trio began to work on its debut album. Pop Up was released by Source Records in 2007. The band then spent time touring before work on its second album began. They also found time to work with Robyn and Crookers, and to remix Katy Perry’s “Hot & Cold”. After working virtually nonstop for two years on album number two, Safari Disco Club was released in the spring of 2011 on V2 and Downtown Records. On their third album, Yelle slimmed down to the duo of Budet and Perrier, while signing to pop hitmaker Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe label. Though it was a little more focused than previous efforts, 2014’s Complètement Fou was imbued with a fun-loving, anything-goes left-field pop outlook.

After releasing 4 singles just for the sake of it between 2016 and 2018 and the creation of the Yelle club party around the world, the band is announcing a new album for early September !

Yelle is essential for anyone who appreciates dancefloor-friendly European synth pop – The Independent