Wejdene – ’16’

At only 16 years old, Wejdene is the new French R&B Pop prodigy. She went from Tik Tok phenomenon to hit maker and her music is a true reflection of her generation!

Her song “Anissa” is one of the biggest French hits so far this year and her new single “Coco” is also breaking all the records!

+127M audio streams globally
+83M views on Youtube
+200 playlists worldwide, reaching more than 17M followers

+17M audio streams
+22M views on YouTube in less than 3 weeks! (3M views in the first 24h)
+140 playlists worldwide reaching more than 19M followers

Wejdene’s debut album, “16,” will be out on September 25th!

Watch “Anissa” official video