Nicholas Repac – Ethnicolor

Ethnicolor by Nicholas Repac from his Album Rhapsodic released January 15th 2021!

With his new album Rhapsodic, Nicolas Repac gives life to the archives of the hunter-gatherer of sounds: Charles Duvelle

Nicolas Repac is pursuing the dreamlike magic of his art of sampling with his new album “Rhapsodic”.
The musician plunged into musicologist Charles Duvelle’s pioneering field recordings, in order to deconstruct and revisit rare music archives gleaned from all over the world. Repac ventures into the craziest sonic and stylistic pileups – adding voices, rhythms and traditional music from “every world”.
He offers some “Rhapsodies” of multicoloured sounds and instrumentals, revisited through the prism of electronic music.
He liberates himself from all ethnomusicological coherence to speak directly to the soul and imagination of his listeners – beyond the frontiers of time and space. Grafting heady grooves of traditional percussion from Benin onto sub-Saharan violin refrains, interweaving them with Mongolian morin khuur on a bed of pygmy mouth-bow, Nicolas Repac leads us on the most captivating of immobile journeys, to the heart of the most intimate impulses, the most human pulse.