New release: David Guetta “Dirty Sexy Money”

Naughty pop music with a punch and a side of ’90s nostalgia. That’s what you get with “Dirty Sexy Money,” the super-collab between David Guetta, Afrojack,, Charli XCX and French Montana, with additional production support from Skrillex, who won’t appear in the official title, but does get love in the credits.

“Dirty Sexy Money” opens with a cute synth line that sounds like something you might have heard in easy listening radio 25 years ago. Charli XCX is a star, smoky and sensual on this freaky bedroom anthem. There’s nothing she won’t do for the right price, so you know French Montana is in it to win it.

The hook is edgy and amplified by synths that hit hard and dissipate just as quickly, making it just as much about what’s not being heard as what is. You can definitely hear Skrillex’s touch in the background, but when you get this many hitmakers in a studio, how could you get anything short of greatness?

This song makes being bad sounds really cute. “Dirty Sexy Money” is certainly headed for radio rotation. It’s out now on Guetta’s What A Music, Parlophone and Warner Music France. Listen to its glittering beat below.