New album “Rone & Friends” out now ?

New album featuring Dominique A, Odezenne, Georgia, Jehnny Beth, Flavien Berger, Yael Naim, Alain Damasio & Mood, Camélia Jordana, Casper Clausen & Mélissa Laveaux, Laura Etchegoyhen, Malibu, and Roya Arab.

In the social isolation of Spring 2020, Rone felt the need to come closer to his artist friends and to reshuffle his creations with their voices as the new beating heart. The only good thing bound to this pandemic is that they too, deprived of touring and slowed down in the productions of their upcoming albums, found themselves available to infuse their vocal and textual energy into Rone’s recent laidback productions.

This collection entitled ‘Rone & Friends’ has the musical colour of Rone’s friendships, of his crushes for a few additional less expected guest voices, but also inevitably of his own personality. The collaborative album is based on an electronic backdrop of previously unreleased titles, alternative versions of ‘Room With A View’ or his first feature film soundtrack “La Nuit Venue”.

All the artworks were created by French illustrator and cartoonist Corinne Rey aka Coco (Charlie Hebdo, Libération…), who designed the cover and a collection of drawings to be discovered together with the music. Coco has just published her new graphic book Dessiner encore, in which she tells the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015, and the long way to her reconstruction.

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