New Album-Length Tribute to Paris from Zaz feat. Aznavour, Quincy Jones, More

zaz 2

The enormously popular French pop singer Zaz has just announced a new album for worldwide release in November featuring many major guest appearances from international music icons.

The album, a tribute to the many songs and personalities of Paris finds Zaz in the musical company of such stars and luminaries as Charles Aznavour, the bassist John Clayton, singer Nikki Yanofsky, and producer Quincy Jones. A lifelong lover of jazz, this is Zaz’s first album backed by a full big-band.

Legendary 90 years-old singer, songwriter, and actor Aznavour charmingly describes his collaboration with Zaz on “Paris in May” as “zaznavouresque”.

In recent years, Zaz has been one of France’s most successful international music exports, selling over 3 million copies of the her first two albums, with legions of fans in over 50 countries, from Chile to Egypt, Germany to China …

In August 2014, she completed a world tour where she sold out shows on five continents.

The first single, in the preamble to the title that will appear on her third album, says the link between the past and this Paname Paris to present in which lives intensely Zaz.

If Maurice Chevalier sang Paris will always be Paris under occupation, “the song still draws the city’s free-spirited” indicates Zaz.

Even in the darkest periods of its history, Paris remains the city light that attracts her, all those who want to believe in their dreams, where everything seems possible.