Listen Black Yaya “Paint A Smile On Me”, Partyfine fourth release.

Black Yaya is the new pop project from David Ivar, frontman and songwriter for Herman Dune. He has written a completely fresh batch of songs, in his own inimitable style but reworked by electronic producer Yuksek, who is releasing Black Yaya under his label Partyfine.

The first single is “Paint A Smile on Me“, which is due for release on September 9th following a lengthy European tour. An explosion of colour and sound, the song has a fun party vibe, perfect for the tail end of the summer. The single also features a more mellow, smooth 70s soul inspired b-side “Glad Tidings“. Both songs showcase David’s skill at writing perfect pop tunes with a dark twist, with fantastic, polished pop arrangements.

Remixes by Breakbot, Zimmer and Domenico Torti coming soon !