L’Imperatrice: New video out + Debut Album Matahari out on April 5th

Là-haut, French word for « up there» is the opening track of Matahari, L’Impératrice’s debut album. It is the soundtrack of a desire to escape, to let things go.

It is in this direction that Aymeric Bergada du Cadet (French director of La Femme’s Sphynx) and Damien Moulierac are guiding the character of the video they have made for the track.

Thus we follow a fugitive through different places, from our physical dimension to a spiritual universe. We go with her on a journey through a closed down factory or marvelous landscapes, interspersed with scenes of her very own reverie, picturing our desire of freedom. They remind us that there is always a way to escape, Là-Haut (Up).

Following a very successful release in France, L’Impératrice’s debut album Matahari arrives worldwide in 2019 with all the pomp and circumstance of a coronation. “Impératrice” is French for “Empress”, and if their moniker is the most difficult thing to grasp for anglophones, then musically there’s nothing that doesn’t translate.

The Parisians draw from a range of genres, from 70s space disco to downtempo 90s synth pop, taking in French film composers like François de Roubaix and Michel Legrand along the way. “Albums that sold 500 copies in the 1970s are the records that interest us most,” they say. Matahari is a glittering, cinematic summation of six years hard work that draws on some of the finest found sounds and forgotten sonic fandangos hiding in crates across the land, all given L’Impératrice’s own inimitable 21st century twist.