EDDY DE PRETTO is finally back – Listen to new album out now

“A TOUS LES BATARDS” album is out

Eddy de Pretto took his time to work on this new album. And the result is ambitious, demanding, in between great popular tunes and elaborate melodies.

It’s a warm and organic album, produced with Charlie Trimbur, his touring partner, and Tanguy Destable alias Tepr.

At the crossroads of modern urban soul (Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy), timeless French songs and today’s vocabulary, Eddy de Pretto sings here more than ever, and his voice is powerful and open.

Eddy de Pretto talks about what forged him, starting with the three years he spent singing on Parisian riverboats the hits of Nina Simone and Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour and Rihanna in front of tourists who came to dream and enjoy the glitter for an evening (Bateaux-Mouches).

For the first time, Eddy reveals himself in stories which, although they belong to him alone, resonate with each of us.
“Weirdos”, “monsters” and “outcasts” have finally found their voice and express themselves : “We’re all someone else’s freak” (Freaks).