Discover « This Summer Love » the first single of Chris Stills (Rupture / Sony Music

Born in Boulder, Colorado and raised between Paris and Los Angeles, Chris Stills infuses his multicultural influences into his work as a singer-songwriter and actor. Since his debut album 100 Year Thing for Atlantic Records produced by Ethan Johns, Chris has toured the world performing and recording with a variety of brilliant artists including, Don Was, Leanne Rimes, Ryan Adams, Government Mule, Smashing Pumpkins, Don Felder, Richard Ashcroft, Lucinda Williams, Paul Weller, Ricky Lee Jones. His songs have been featured in numerous movies and T.V. including the film American Hustle.   Recorded over the last few years, Chris has woven together an evocative collection of heartfelt songs across an eclectic range on his newest album Don’t Be Afraid, slated for an early 2018 release. The first single “This Summer Love” is available digitally.

Listening to this album, Chris exudes a pure authenticity as he writes about his personal life and experiences over the past decade. With an endearing and honest intimacy he crosses a wide range of ups and downs through love and hardships that Chris calls “a self-reflective, atmospheric space walk”.   Chris makes good use of his influences, wearing them like a heart on his sleeve – Pink Floyd in “Don’t Be Afraid”… Queen in “I’m Frightened”… Harry Nielsen in “This Summer Love”… Tom Petty in “Criminal Mind” , there’s even some Foo Fighters vibe on “Blame Game”. Yet, with Chris’s very personal touch and stellar vocals he ties it all together making it undeniably a Chris Stills record.

The two co-writes on the record showcase new and old friendships. One with David Saw on “The Weekend” and the other with Ryan Adams on “Criminal Mind” while jamming it for the first time at his studio, Pax Am in Hollywood.

“I got to take my time to develop a record that was closest to my heart with some very dear and crazy talented friends like Zac Rae of Death Cab for Cutie, and Dan Burns”.
Stills made his acting debut in 2009 as Julius Caesar in the top-grossing French musical, Cleopatre–The Last Queen of Egypt. His film roles include a critically acclaimed performance alongside Melanie Laurent in the French film Requiem for a Killer, which Elle magazine called, “Sublime… a revelation.”  He also guest starred on seasons 5 and 6 of Showtime’s Emmy-winning, television hit, Shameless.

Living in Los Angeles, Chris also works with his father and stepmother Emmy Award winner Kristen Stills as co-producer and musical director for “Light Up the Blues”, an annual concert to benefit Autism Speaks. In addition to Chris, past performers have included Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Young, John Mayer, Shawn Colvin, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earl, Don Felder and MC Jack Black. The event has grown quickly and since its 2013 inception has raised over a million dollars for Autism Speaks.

“I love songwriting, producing, performing in the studio, on stage and in front of the camera. I also feel good about doing my part in the struggle to save our troubled planet and helping people in need who live on it.” – Chris Stills