Charlie Winston feat Camélia Jordana – ‘Rendez-Vous’ (Full English Version)

Charlie Winston released last Friday a full English version of his single “Rendez-vous”, featuring French artist, actress and it-girl Camélia Jordana.


Six years ago, Charlie met Camélia Jordana at a radio show in France where they both performed. This brief rendez-vous “has left a big impression” Charlie recalls. That one that led to a desire to collaborate with Camélia one day.

This day came as Charlie realized this song was calling for a duet and Camélia’s smooth voice would be the perfect match. And it did: she adds this emotional power bringing the track to another level.

“A few months prior to all this I had been listening to Camélia’s latest album.” Charlie explains, “I was really impressed by the bravery of it, lyrically and musically. In addition to this, I loved her voice and felt that it has a wonderfully unique character not heard on many other singers. I just had a gut feeling given our first chance meeting that our voices and personality types could really work for this song. I got the song to her and she loved it!”

Camélia Jordana is a French singer and actress who recently won a Victoires de la Music Award (French Grammies) as Best World Music Album. She also gained critical acclaim as actress winning the Most Promising Actor Award at Les César (French Oscars) for her participation in “Le Brio” (2018).