California Road 101 releases a solar-powered EP produced in the Californian desert on August 27th

The new project associating the famous DJ Joachim Garraud and Gaël Benyamin, is called California Road 101.

The fruit of this union is an EP recorded in an unusual mobile solar studio, during a trip to the California desert.

The 4-track EP comes straight out of LaGoodVibe, a California-based mobile solar studio, which served as the recording and writing studio for this project.

The 3 songs with pop-rock sounds, and the electro instrumental title, are accompanied by photos and video clips immortalizing their solar and musical journey, a real limited mini-series produced by Olivier Boscovitch (David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Geyster.. .). Pre-save link


The 1st single, “LE FLOW DE MICHEL”, pays homage to the great American spaces described by the famous French singer Michel Jonasz. It’s an ode to travel, highlighted by a jazzy, soulful sound, specific to the titles of Michel Jonasz.

Official music video (Radio Edit) “Le Flow De Michel”

Official music video (Long Trip Version) “Le Flow De Michel”

“JE PARS EN SOLO”, a tribute to travel, is a reference to Californian acoustic music, inspired in particular by “Year of the Cat” by Al Stewart or by “A Horse with no name” by the group America.

Official music video “Je pars en solo”


The instrumental electro track “LAGOODVIBE THEME”, composed and produced “on the go”, describes the atmosphere that reigns in this very special place. 

Official music video “LAGOODVIBE THEME”


“PAS LA MÊME CALIFORNIE” closes the EP and represents the end of the journey, between sadness and melancholy. It offers two very different visions of California through the eyes of a separating couple, between tradition and modernity.


Behind the production, the writing and the composition, two personalities with different universes:

Legendary, tech-savvy electro pioneer Joachim Garraud, who has produced tracks with Bob Sinclar, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vitalic, and who was Grammy-nominated for his collaboration with David Guetta, with whom he composed and produced 3 albums.

Gaël Benyamin, a very prolific producer (14 albums in 16 years) who has combined throughout his career, the spirit of the Californian west coast through his multiple projects (Geyster..), a pop-jazz-rock-funk music, rich in melodies and harmonies. Note that this is the first time that Gael sings in French through the California Road 101 project!


LAGOODVIBE, a unique solar studio in the world.

Joachim Garraud has set up his mobile solar studio in California, where he has lived since 2012. An XXL-sized tour bus that he named LaGoodVibe, and which he remodeled himself, into a recording studio that includes cabin vocals, a DJ Booth and a drum booth. At the same time, the vehicle remains a home with beds for five people, kitchen, Wi-Fi, air conditioning… All of this being solar-powered, ensuring total autonomy!

It is this mobile solar studio that gives California Road 101 all the scope, allowing Joachim and Gaël to isolate and immerse themselves in the wide open spaces of Western California.

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