09/05 – Joakim (Dj Set) @ Fixed and Verboten presents Todd Terje + Lindstrøm at Brooklyn Masonic Temple

One of France’s foremost electronic musicians, Joakm has a background in classical music, US & UK indie rock and jazz. He discovered electronic music after a schoolfriend left his synthetiser in Joakim’s room, later latching onto indie and electronic labels such as Warp and Mo Wax.

“Making a pure dance album would almost be like composing an album entirely in F major,” says Joakim. “I jump from one idea to the next. I simply have to try everything and see where it leads.”Joakim runs the Tigersushi label, releases a broad spectrum of music including Maurice Fulton, E.S.G, Poni Hoax and Metro Area. Joakim does live sets, DJs and he’s also a remixer; he’s recut tunes from Tiga, Air and Antena’s ‘Camino Del Sol’ – the latter of which was one of the biggest club tunes of 2006. Finally, he also has a live band, Joakim and the Ectoplasmic Band, on which he plays machines, keyboards, guitars and sings. He will play alonside Todd Terje and Lindstrøm for the next Fixed and Verboten gig, the 5th of September in Brooklyn.

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