Wax Tailor Debuts New Track with Ghostface Killah on Stereogum

The lead single for Wax Tailor’s upcoming fall album, ‘By Any Beats Necessary’, featuring rap legend Ghostface Killah, has just dropped on Stereogum. Wax Tailor will be touring North America in early 2017. Here’s what he has to say about the track and album:

Without going too deep into politics, the album’s title reflects my determination to use all kinds of sounds and textures to get to something musical. The word “beat” also draws a line towards the Beat Gen- eration, Kerouac’s famous novel On The Road, and the quest for an better place. And so, in this time when each of us needs a little escape, I conceptualized this album as the soundtrack to a better elsewhere that I imagined to be the south western part of the USA.

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