NoJazz is working on a new album!

After touring in 52 country Nojazz work on his new album !

NoJazz : an exciting name , two syllabs ,thrown as a slightly provocative  slogan !The story begins in 2000’ with the meeting of 5 musicians,with various musical backgrounds ,but willing to explore new musical areas ,and create a new sound.5 strong and complementary  personalities.

5 musicians with spooky and fun cyberfunk outfits looks,haunted by only one idea :make the audience dance and take the minto the heart of the new electrosound-revolution.

If there ‘s one concept with Nojazz ,it’s simple : to mix the spirit of soul music and jazz from the origins ( ballroom dancing and improvisation) with  modern days hypnotical sounds. Soul,trip-hop,melodies and samples,hardbop funk with drum’n’bass dressing :the mariage between swing and electronic.