‘Nina Simone: A Novel’, An Event at Albertine

Francophiles in New York should now be very familiar with Albertine, the glistening new bookstore and event space christened in the first two floors of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy on Fifth Avenue. Now fans of music will have something unique to attend there, when this Monday, October 5th, when author Gilles Leroy discusses his new work: ‘Nina Simone: A Novel’ at Albertine. The event is free and open to the public and no RSVP is necessary.

Here are more details from the website of Albertine:

“In many ways, Nina Simone’s life was structured like a classic, character-driven novel. How a little girl born Eunice Kathleen Waymon in Tryon, North Carolina went on to become the monolithic Nina Simone is itself a story worth every turned page, but for Gilles Leroy, to understand Simone’s life is to start at the end. After a star-studded career filled with peaks and chasms, we enter her life nearly ten years after she has stopped singing. At once an examination of her extraordinary talent and an attempt at understanding the internal and external factors that worked to destroy her, Nina Simone: A Novel positions Leroy as a master of imagining the story behind a portrait. Her internal landscape comes to the forefront of the narrative in terms of how she feels, what she sees, how she reacts, but most importantly, how the world’s obsession with Simone causes Eunice to forget and eventually lose herself.”

‘Nina Simone: A Novel’,
A discussion between Gilles Leroy and Claudia Roth Pierpont
Monday, Oct. 5th at 7PM [FREE]


Find out more about this event and other happenings at Albertine on their website here