Cat Power & -M- ‘Toop Toop’ (A Tribute to Zdar)

One year after the tragic passing of Philippe Cerboneschi (Zdar), -M- and Cat Power share a cover of “Toop Toop” by Cassius (a duet Zdar formed with Boombass) out today on Ed Banger / Because Music. Originally released back in 2006, the song is one of Cassius’ flagship singles along with “I <3 U SO”.


Along with this release, his team has put together a playlist paying homage to Zdar’s work. It brings together some of the greatest tracks from the Cassius catalogue, as well as songs from other artists in which Philippe Zdar was involved: Sébastien Tellier, Phoenix, Beastie Boys…


Dyane de Serigny, Philippe Zdar’s wife:

“Chan (Cat Power) and Matthieu (-M-) wanted to pay Philippe homage at his funeral on June 19th 2019.

A few days earlier, we met at the Motorbass studio to hear their rehearsals. We were standing by the entrance, not daring to enter the studio room as the events were too recent and surrealistic. It felt unreal to be there without him.

Cat Power and -M- started humming “Toop Toop”…

That moment was so magical that we decided to turn the console, plug in the microphones and make the first recording of this new chapter in life. This foundational event gave us the strength and encouraged us to preserve the future of his beloved studio.

We chose this portrait of Philippe laying on the beach. It’s the image that appeared on my phone when he called me, Toop Toop. But it’s, firts of all, an image that represents him perfectly: somewhere on an island, the sun reflecting on his eyes his haire salty and damp from the sea…

To perfect it all, So Me has created a font for us, using his secret recipe. It’s a family affair.”

Cat Power:

“He brought sunlight into all our hearts. As a brother to all he loved, we love him back, and we miss him greatly.”


“You’re not here, yet you’re everywhere.
You inspire me every day
My dear friend
With all my love.”