Carla Bruni announces new album/ 1st single out today!

First Single, Cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence” Available Now

Today, internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Carla Bruni announces the release of her 5th studio album, an English-language collection of cover songs produced by legendary producer, composer and musician David Foster entitled French Touch, which will be released on October 6th via Verve Records / Barclay / Universal Music France.

Since her youth, Carla has assembled a trove of all-time sentimental favorites—pop songs forever associated with a person or place or moment in time, the sort of records that she says, borrowing the French term for love at first sight, “have been a coup de foudre.”

The album gives credence to its title, richly melodic, warm yet minimal, and often slyly playful – all the covers in this collection have been given that French Touch, and still have all the universal appeal as their originals, albeit with a sultry flavor all their own.

Take the lead single, “Enjoy the Silence.” Depeche Mode’s dark yet soaring 1990 pop classic is the sort of anthem most musicians wouldn’t dare mess with—“a song that doesn’t need a cover,” as Bruni puts it—yet the French Touch take is something else altogether. The new version strips the original’s soaring, gothic spectacle down to its essence: a spare, moody ballad, a moving meditation. Reimagined as a simple dance of guitar, piano, and Bruni’s signature smoky vocals, it opens up the in-between spaces—the silence, there to be enjoyed.

French Touch is warm and familiar, and inimitably Carla.  More information on Carla’s forthcoming release to be announced soon.

Carla Bruni has been writing and performing music since 1997, with her first album, Quelqu’un m’a dit (Someone Told Me), being released in 2002. Since then she has had 3 more critically acclaimed releases, selling over 3 million albums worldwide, including 2007’s, No Promises, which set English poems to music, 2008’s Comme si de rien n’était (As If Nothing Happened), and 2013’s Little French Songs.

“Enjoy the Silence” was premiered on and is available today on all digital and streaming services.

Click here to listen to “Enjoy the Silence”