zaza fournierBorn in Paris, Camille Fournier grew up in the Oise. She studied theater and violin before trying the accordion at the age of 19. Her singing career began by chance when her drama teacher summoned her to improvise on a basic theme (“What is a man, what is a woman?”). Her accomplices in music, Jack Lahana (including director Brigitte Fontaine, The Bride …) and multi-instrumentalist Rob (keyboardist in the group Phoenix, composer of film music, and pursuing a solo project Dodécalogue…), make Zaza Fournier’s charming first album.

Zaza Fournier recalls the aesthetics of Cry Baby, the teen movie John Waters and relies on rockabilly muses, “because it was super sexy, funny and all those guys who did their hair in banana and s ‘dressed in tight leather pants knew how to practice the second degree. Elvis could play with his image, with hindsight. “. It was a time when “the cork popped.” Zaza revisited French songs, and now what is she going to do? Shake what needs to be shaked. Have fun with doo-wap choirs, dancing with her boyfriend’s hybrid accordion and singing.