Somewhere between progressive rock, pop and psych, WHY MUD is opening the doors of its hedonist realm, where music is constantly shifting, sometimes nostalgic, often dreamy, soothed by a sensual rhythmic.

WHY MUD never do things by half: their first release was a complex 15 tracks concept-album, telling the tumultuous story of two brothers. We followed their intertwined destinies with fever, through unforgettable melodies and soulful lyrics. “Adam&Joe” was music made into a dreamlike picture, with hypnotic shades.

And because they never do the same as everyone does, WHY MUD is now releasing a first EP with a title that remind us of the good times that seem to follow them everywhere, “KETCHUP”

Don’t be tricked though: even if they purposely turned to pop, they never list their intensity! Proof is with these four tracks that sound like sunny and long summer afternoons, thanks to nutty lyrics and catchy melodies. From “Ketchup (to get in shape” to “Basilic”, the band took it casual, and sign your summer soundtrack!

Watch the interactive video here: